Pinot Grigio - Two Brothers

A beautiful grape which produces a very enjoyable wine.  Harvested at the perfect time when flavours are at their best within the berry.  Always picked by hand with fruit being carefully selected to produce the best wine we can.

Bottle = $25, Box of 6 = $125

Shiraz - Wild Vine

Once again a variety of grape which is well suited to our area.  This wine comes totally from our 1969 old Shiraz patch in Monash.  This wine has beautiful flavours and is always in short supply.  Carefully handpicked and produced locally.

​Bottle = $25, Box of 6 = $125

                                                                  Gift Pack

Gift Pack in a sturdy black wine box with handle.  Two wines of choice.

Gift Pack = $50 

                                         Purchase and Delivery

Contact Bruce on 0408 245749, for all orders and enquiries.​  Free Riverland delivery for orders $50 and over.